Welcome to the Clinton Online Public Record Request System

If you are not a registered user, you may wish to register now by entering and confirming the password during “Creating a Request”.

1. GoTo Home page. – Click “Home Page” to begin

2. Then click ‘Submit Request for Public Record’.

3. Enter request details.

4. Enter password and confirm.

5. Submit form.

6. Your account is created.

7. Your username is your email address.

8. Your password is the one you entered.

Having a registered account gives you the following advantages:

1. You can always come to this site and log in.

2. You can always see status of your requests.

3. You will be able to download all response documents.

4. You can always create a new request without entering personal data every time.

5. You will be able to send a message to Records Access Officer of the town.

6. You will be able to pay online.